Wedding Celebrant Tenerife

Your Tenerife Wedding celebrant can create your perfect ceremony,
delivered with confidence and professionalism.

How my Celebrant service works

My aim is that your ceremony should be a very personal and truly memorable event. I consult various sources e.g. relatives to ensure that your Tenerife Wedding ceremony is designed to express what it is that you want to say – to each other, to your families and to your friends.

Please be aware that I am not a legal registrar and therefore the service I provide does not make you legally married in the eyes of the law, you will need to be married at your local registry office before hand.

First step - Contact Me
Contact me by telephone or email to see if I am available on the date and at the time of your ceremony.  I am happy to answer any questions that you might have that might not be answered on this website. If you wish to meet me before you make a firm booking we can make arrangements for a no obligation meeting to discuss in general terms your wishes for your ceremony. If a meeting cannot be arranged we can liaise via email.

Second step - Make a firm booking
Complete the booking confirmation form (which I will send to you via email when you are ready to make your reservation) and pay the nonrefundable deposit to reserve your ceremony date and time with me.

Please note: Fee is payable in two instalments

A non-refundable deposit (booking fee) is payable when you make the booking in order to secure the date and time.
The balance is payable 14 days before the date of the ceremony.

Third step - Gather information,think and plan
This step starts a minimum 2 months before the ceremony date. I will gather information from you about what you want for your ceremony, your ideas, your wishes, your needs and your ideas. I will send you drafts via email for you to refine as appropriate.

Fourth step - Finalise the account
Two weeks before the ceremony you will need to pay the balance and finalise the account.

Fifth step - Rehearse
If possible a rehearsal of the service at the venue would be ideal. This is important as it gives us one last 
opportunity to ensure that all the information is correct and that it is to your satisfaction, it will also give us a chance to make any last minute changes and check for grammatical errors, etc.
Day of the ceremony
I will usually arrive at the ceremony location 30-45 minutes before the ceremony, so that I can do a last-minute verbal run through of the main points of the ceremony. You should be relaxed about the ceremony because you will be familiar with the words and what you have to do. This is the time to smile and enjoy!
After the Ceremony
For weddings you will receive your presentation marriage certificate and an order of service of the ceremony. Please note that this certificate is not a legal binding document it is 
merely a keepsake of the day.