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What does a celebrant do when it’s not wedding season??

Posted by Claire Oxenham on October 2, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Well as I have said in the last blog, wedding season is over for me here in Tenerife, but my calendar is already filling up fast for next year I’m very pleased to say.

So whilst I’m putting the finishing touches on the couple of ceremonies I have for the end of the year, I would like to tell you a little bit about what I do when I’m not clacking away on my laptop.

I’m a mother of two fabulous children so I’m running around with them a lot!!! When they do give me 5 minutes peace I’m an avid reader, and of course social networking!!

I’m very proud to be married to a Canarian man who is the best husband and father, I’ve lived on this beautiful island for 11 years and will continue to live here as the hubby refuses to live back in the UK (he lived there for 25 years)

Whilst my life seems very hectic, there is nothing I like more then to sit at my laptop of an evening when the kids are in bed and to write a ceremony, it gives me a chance to be ME not mummy, I plug my earphones in listen to music (also a Lionel Ritchie fan and proud!!) and bring to life the information you have sent, to choose the right readings and words for you is a honorable thing, however let me know if there happens to be any Lionel lyrics in your vows!! There not supposed to be there!



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