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Posted by Claire Oxenham on July 28, 2013 at 4:30 PM

So behind on this now!! But I will continue to write for you every spare moment I have.

As you all know wedding season in Tenerife is in full swing now and will run to quite late on in the year as we have the weather for it, the perfectly sunny days and warm evenings makes a great back drop for the sunset ceremony or the early afternoon romantic ceremony.

More and more of my clients are turning to me to recommend locations for them and whilst I can as I have lived on the island for many years, the location of your wedding really depends on what you as a couple want. I try to find the location and be “your eyes” but I can only go so far as everything looks “flat” on an email and photos don’t create the right image in order for you to get excited about your wedding and really start to dream it.

Bearing in mind we have some of the best scenery the natural world can offer, some of the most perfectly placed restaurants and the best of golf courses.

But there are occasions where I run out of ideas so I turn to a wedding planner to help me, they have all of the right contact on the island and know all of the right people and sometime suggest locations that I haven’t even thought about!!

With that in mind I can help you visualize your ceremony, where it’s going to take place, who will stand where and more importantly where you will be standing when you take your all-important vows!



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