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Wedding season is here

Posted by Claire Oxenham on June 3, 2013 at 4:40 PM

Well with wedding season well under way here in Tenerife, my hubby often asks me if I get confused with the clients get names wrong etc., and have ever taken the wrong ceremony to he wrong couple be approved…. Well the answer to that is NO; I haven’t ever gotten someone’s name wrong or taken the wrong ceremony.


I think this is down to the fact that as I have said before I only perform one ceremony in a day, so when I meet the couple I only have the print out of their ceremony not 2 or 3 more.

I might get confused with where they are from if I can’t recognize the accent, but then that’s just geography, nothing to do with taking the wrong ceremony.

It does seem busy as ther are times when I have a rehearsal with one couple on the afternoon then a ceremony on the evening, or meet couple one day ceremony next and so on for a couple of days.

But the fact is I’m very thankful that I have these ceremonies, it means I’m doing a good job and people put their confidence in me to perform one of the most important ceremonies they will ever have (no pressure then!!) and they will go away with not only the perfect ceremony for them, but fantastic memories.






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