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What is a baby naming ceremony in the first place?

Posted by Claire Oxenham on June 20, 2013 at 5:40 PM

Well hopefully I can answer that question,

Baby naming ceremonies are becoming more popular, it's an alternative to the traditional Christening or Baptism.

Naming ceremonies offer a lot more of a personal content then what you would expect from the traditional ceremonies, what you want in life for your baby, the hope, dreams and wishes, also they now tend to include the older siblings as well, as a formal welcome to this brand new addition, these hope dreams and wishes don’t have to be serious, I had a boy say to his younger brother that he hopes that you(the child being named) will play with him all the time, however his older sister went on to say that she wanted to paint his nails!!

It can also mark the first birthday of your child…. Look how far we have come let's celebrate!

So often now we are in too much of a hurry to do things… quick get the baby christened, with me as your baby naming celebrant I take the time with you to write the ceremony you want for your baby, the little touches that wouldn’t be in a church Baptism or Christening.

By taking the time with you WE create the perfect ceremony, more often than not parents pay tribute to their parents, with thanks and praise and also to publically note that they are grateful for the dedication its takes to being a parent.

Some families have a naming ceremony for all of their children at once, with this type of ceremony it doesn't matter what age the child is in fact if they are older they are more likely to remember it and join in more, this then turns into the best family day, with all the focus on the children.

The fact that you can come to Tenerife to have this, and all planned for you by professional months in advance, is an excellent alternative to anything that you would have dreamed of.


When you arrive on the island we will meet a day or two before the ceremony to run through and choreograph it, the ceremony isn’t done until you are 100% happy, even up until the last moment the ceremony isn’t finalized until you say.



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