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Posted by Claire Oxenham on April 17, 2013 at 9:10 AM

This week I want to look at possibly the most important part of a wedding….. The vows.

The vows represent not only how you feel about each other but also how you plan to treat each other in the future …..With love honour and respect etc.

The ceremony itself takes on a format which ill go into later. But everyone wants to hear the vows.

The declaration of a couple is to shout it from the roof tops that the person in front of them is “the one”, however when it comes to it people choke, the moment gets them and they just can’t do it. My suggestion to every couple is…. Don’t worry about everyone else, if you feel a bit shy, then relax, and as long as the other person can hear them then that’s ok.

As public as the vows are, they can also be taken as a private moment between the couple sharing things that mean the most to them.

When I write the vows, I try to capture the couple, and try to put into words how I think they want to say “yes you are the one and I love you” a very difficult task, but this is why having a celebrant for your wedding is the best option by far, as the couples get a say in what they say.

I love it when people put their input into their ceremony, and between the three of us, we come up with something that explains the love story of the couple.


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