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The wedding march.

Posted by Claire Oxenham on February 20, 2013 at 4:55 PM

This week I want to talk about the all-important wedding march the bride makes to her husband and me (the celebrant) I wonder why the official name is wedding march??I’ll look in to why another time.

During the pre-wedding meet I always stress to the bride, DON’T stress out if you are behind schedule with your hair and makeup, don’t worry!! let’s face it the ceremony can’t start without her, and I’ve said in a previous blog I only ever perform one ceremony a day so I have time. I say take your time walking down the aisle, people are going to be taking pictures, as you all know I like my couples to feel relaxed!. Well some of them try to walk slow, but I don’t know if its nerves to get the day started, or just the pure excitement of the day or both, but to me they seem to run down the aisle to us, the shoulders are hunched through nerves, some physically shake I can see them.

But…… as they take their place beside their husband and face all of their family and friends, I can feel the tension go, their shoulders relax, the shakes go and a beaming smile comes across as I start the ceremony, again as I have said before emotions are high and tears of joy and a sense of relief that their day has officially started.

So remember girls just because it’s called a wedding MARCH it is not in the literal sense!!

;) xx


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