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Posted by Claire Oxenham on February 11, 2013 at 5:30 PM

This week im going to look at weddings facts, I love finding out the why and hows, and I belive as a celebrant I should at least know a few!!

We all have a budget for our wedding, spening to what we can afford, and its hard to divvy out the money to see where it goes.

DID YOU KNOW that the most expensive wedding cost $44 MILLION 

and some one paid about $3 MILLION to have Sir Elton John sing at their wedding!!

Well I say if you have that type of cash, then go for it... just make sure its your only wedding you have.

and a more serious fact is: The Catholic tradition of “”posting the banns”" to announce a marriage originated as a way to ensure the bride and groom were not related.

so you see some facts that have been around for centuries, we still use and for very good reason, I know that finding out if you are related to someone before you marry them is alot easier now then it was then, but its still handy to know.

see you soon


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