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The Surprise ceremony.

Posted by Claire Oxenham on January 29, 2013 at 5:45 PM

This week I’m going to talk about renewal of vows ceremonies that are a surprise for either the husband or the wife.


This is a VERY nerve wracking experience for me as well, as its all the sneaky emails are being send, in the back of my brain I’m thinking…..god I hope this turns out ok.

So far they have turned out amazing!! Obviously each couple knows their respective partner and knows it will all go well, but my goodness it doesn’t stop the heart pounding!!

Also the look on the surprises face is a picture; they are completely overwhelmed by it all, and can’t believe that the surprise managed to organize this from their home!!

Have a look at a testimonial of Ian and Julie Rainey, his face was an absolute picture he was told about it about 5 minutes before the car came to pick them up, so a very bewildered Ian managed to hold it together for the ceremony, and then slugged a very large glass of Champagne after!!

see you soon





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