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Pre ceremony meeting/rehearsal.

Posted by Claire Oxenham on December 10, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Being a celebrant for me is a very rewarding job, I’ve taken the time to write your ceremony and you have approved it via email and the time is coming for you to come over to Tenerife and your big day is drawing nearer.

I always ask if I can have a meeting with my couples I like to meet them in a casual and friendly manner before the ceremony, as they have filled out a questionnaire and we have been emailing each other I feel like I already know them and it’s nice to finally put a face to the name apart from when I have some one book via face book and they looked NOTHING like their profile picture!!

The meeting for me is a very important part of the whole ceremony, I try to meet at the time the ceremony is going to be in the location so we can see exactly the where the sun is going to be and how hot it’s going to be.

Also I get to have a good chin wag as I like nothing more than a relaxed environment for my ceremonies, we talk about everything!!

When we finally get around to talking about the ceremony, I ask them if they are still happy with the ceremony, the poems I’ve chosen and the vows I have written. I do often get asked if they should memorise the vows… my answer is NEVER you all have enough to worry about without learning lines!

We work out where everyone is going to stand and if all is happy, I know they will probably forget where I’ve told them to stand but, that’s why I’m there.

And my final words to them before I leave….. Next time I see you I want you in your best bib and tucker!!


Happy Monday




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