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Posted by Claire Oxenham on November 19, 2012 at 5:40 PM

Hi out there!!!


It’s that time of the week again!


I’ve decided to write about wedding ceremonies again, as I am a wedding celebrant here in Tenerife, it only seems fit, as I have many a tale to tell.


People often ask me if I had to undertake any training to do this job, or can you just decide to do it, the fact is, is that some people just decide that they can do the job. I on the other hand did train to do the job. I went on a course in the UK and learnt all sorts of thing about the whole ritual of the marriage ceremony, where it came from, the origins of why the groom has a best man and ushers, why the bride has maids of honor’s and bridesmaids, the symbolism used, the part the village/ town people would have played in the joining of the people it was all very fascinating. I won’t go into too much detail now, as that’s a whole different blog!!

The fact that these traditions date back centuries AND are still used today for me is a wonderful thing, I personally am a sucker for tradition I love it!!


Whilst training I was taught how to choreograph ceremonies, where everyone should be standing , voice projection, and dealing with emotions, and making sure all of those last minute nerves disappear, a hard task but I like to think that when I start to talk , the nerves of the bride and groom subside for a short while, until the time comes when they need to say their vows, but with a little coaxing from me I can very proudly say that I have never had a bride or groom freeze on me, after that I can actually see the couple breath!! Relax and beginning to really enjoy the ceremony and their wedding day.


Well that’s it from me again; I promise I will go into more detail about the traditions of the wedding party soon!!




Lots of love



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