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Payment in puppies

Posted by Claire Oxenham on November 12, 2012 at 5:25 PM


This week I want to write about the strangest payment I have been offered for a wedding ceremony in Tenerife.


When starting out, I was marketing myself on various wedding websites,if they were free all the better as I had no budget.


Well you have all heard of the saying "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys" ?


I was in contact with this man via email, talking about his ceremony, when it came to asking for a deposit, he said he wanted to pay me in presents!!


I was very curious and continued to make contact with him, and the man actually wanted to pay me with a puppy!!.


As a dog lover myself, I have had the heart wrenching decision to re-home my dogs,that was hard enough, I also said that to him, and if he had really thought about giving away his faithful friend?


But he was very insistent on the idea in paying me with a puppy, I even offered it to my fellow colleagues in the UK, they could have the booking if they don't mind the payment


In the end I did say to him,that unfortunately I don't want paying in doggie kindness, and advised him to save some money for his up and coming wedding.


You got to love this guy for trying!!


See you next week




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