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Pre ceremony meeting/rehearsal.

Posted by Claire Oxenham on December 10, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Being a celebrant for me is a very rewarding job, I’ve taken the time to write your ceremony and you have approved it via email and the time is coming for you to come over to Tenerife and your big day is drawing nearer.

I always ask if I can have a meeting with my couples I like to meet them in a casual and friendly manner before the ceremony, as they have filled out a questionnaire and we have been emailing each other I feel like I already know them and it’s nice to finally put a face to the name apart from when I have some one book via face book and they looked NOTHING like their profile picture!!

The meeting for me is a very important part of the whole ceremony, I try to meet at the time the ceremony is going to be in the location so we can see exactly the where the sun is going to be and how hot it’s going to be.

Also I get to have a good chin wag as I like nothing more than a relaxed environment for my ceremonies, we talk about everything!!

When we finally get around to talking about the ceremony, I ask them if they are still happy with the ceremony, the poems I’ve chosen and the vows I have written. I do often get asked if they should memorise the vows… my answer is NEVER you all have enough to worry about without learning lines!

We work out where everyone is going to stand and if all is happy, I know they will probably forget where I’ve told them to stand but, that’s why I’m there.

And my final words to them before I leave….. Next time I see you I want you in your best bib and tucker!!


Happy Monday




Wedding rings

Posted by Claire Oxenham on December 3, 2012 at 5:20 PM

This week I want to talk about the wedding rings.

Living in Tenerife with its all year round climate, for me is the best climate to live in no really cold weather (14 degrees outside my house today at about 4pm).

But when it comes to wedding ceremonies here, my couples do tend to experience some problems of getting the ring on their fingers, now I don’t know if its nerves or the weather but peoples fingers tend to swell slightly and they can’t seem to get the little blighter on!!

After a little coaxing of me whispering "relax" and "take your time no rush"  it does go on, I think what makes it worse is the fact that they panic which makes them tense placing the ring on the finger is an important part of the ceremony so it’s not something we can brush over either.

I don’t know if it would be worth if couples are planning to marry abroad is to have the ring maybe half a size bigger? Might be worth asking your jeweler that question if you are planning a wedding abroad.

For me the ring exchange is a very nice occasion, all the “bling” and with a lot of renewal of vows, I’ve had husbands surprise their wives with a new ring, or both have new ones.

My word of advice to all of you out there is RELAX when putting the ring on

See you next week.

xx :D


Honouring someone who has passed

Posted by Claire Oxenham on November 26, 2012 at 4:00 PM



Recently whist writing a wedding ceremony, I was waiting on the questionnaire to be returned, time was getting a bit tight, so I decided to at least get something on to a document, so it’s not a mad rush if they do decide to send it back.

I like to add poems to all of my ceremonies, I generally decided on these poems based on the questionnaire and the type of ceremony.

As it happened, I added a poem to the ceremony, about a fathers wish for his daughter to get married…… then the questionnaire came back, and yep you guessed it, the bride’s father had passed away.

Now it’s always difficult to write a piece about someone who has passed no matter whom it is, it’s always a very sensitive subject to be approached.

Now as I sat staring at this poem, the question in my head was….. do I leave it in or change it?

I decided to leave it in and sent the ceremony to the client, I held my breath and asked her to pay particular attention to the poem and had also explained that I´d already chosen the poem before knowing about her father.

The worst thing for me is that the bride asks me to remove the poem and choose another one.

However as I waited with baited breath, the answer came back……. She loved it!! Read it with tears in her eyes!! Love the whole ceremony, just wanted a little touch to the vows.

And breathe Claire!!!!

As it must be difficult to have an important day such as your wedding day without one of the most important people there, I have always respected the decision of the couple; I ask them if they want a poem or a brief pause in the ceremony, so far I have no objections to the suggestions made.

My personal opinion is that whoever has passed, they are looking upon us from a better plane.

See you next week


xx  :)


nitty gritty

Posted by Claire Oxenham on November 19, 2012 at 5:40 PM

Hi out there!!!


It’s that time of the week again!


I’ve decided to write about wedding ceremonies again, as I am a wedding celebrant here in Tenerife, it only seems fit, as I have many a tale to tell.


People often ask me if I had to undertake any training to do this job, or can you just decide to do it, the fact is, is that some people just decide that they can do the job. I on the other hand did train to do the job. I went on a course in the UK and learnt all sorts of thing about the whole ritual of the marriage ceremony, where it came from, the origins of why the groom has a best man and ushers, why the bride has maids of honor’s and bridesmaids, the symbolism used, the part the village/ town people would have played in the joining of the people it was all very fascinating. I won’t go into too much detail now, as that’s a whole different blog!!

The fact that these traditions date back centuries AND are still used today for me is a wonderful thing, I personally am a sucker for tradition I love it!!


Whilst training I was taught how to choreograph ceremonies, where everyone should be standing , voice projection, and dealing with emotions, and making sure all of those last minute nerves disappear, a hard task but I like to think that when I start to talk , the nerves of the bride and groom subside for a short while, until the time comes when they need to say their vows, but with a little coaxing from me I can very proudly say that I have never had a bride or groom freeze on me, after that I can actually see the couple breath!! Relax and beginning to really enjoy the ceremony and their wedding day.


Well that’s it from me again; I promise I will go into more detail about the traditions of the wedding party soon!!




Lots of love



Payment in puppies

Posted by Claire Oxenham on November 12, 2012 at 5:25 PM


This week I want to write about the strangest payment I have been offered for a wedding ceremony in Tenerife.


When starting out, I was marketing myself on various wedding websites,if they were free all the better as I had no budget.


Well you have all heard of the saying "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys" ?


I was in contact with this man via email, talking about his ceremony, when it came to asking for a deposit, he said he wanted to pay me in presents!!


I was very curious and continued to make contact with him, and the man actually wanted to pay me with a puppy!!.


As a dog lover myself, I have had the heart wrenching decision to re-home my dogs,that was hard enough, I also said that to him, and if he had really thought about giving away his faithful friend?


But he was very insistent on the idea in paying me with a puppy, I even offered it to my fellow colleagues in the UK, they could have the booking if they don't mind the payment


In the end I did say to him,that unfortunately I don't want paying in doggie kindness, and advised him to save some money for his up and coming wedding.


You got to love this guy for trying!!


See you next week




A ceremony is born

Posted by Claire Oxenham on November 8, 2012 at 4:45 PM

Ive decided to add a new page to my website, so you can read the realities of my work and try to gain a sense of what I do on a regular basis here in Tenerife as a wedding celebrant

when couples decide a have a wedding on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it can be a daunting task, of organising the big day that will take place 4000miles away from their home town.

The first thing is researsh, as we all do now a days...... google it!!

Thousands of websites pop up related to having a wedding on this beautiful island so aptly named “the land of eternal spring” for its all year round sunshine.

They now picture long sandy beaches, with a beautiful mountainous back drop, shrouded in history, sit in an elegant beach front restaurant and while away the night listening to the waves lap on the shore. 

They swim through the soup of webpages and come across mine.

They send an enquiry and it goes on from there.

A ceremony is born!! starting with a simple questionnaire, it then turns out to be a ceremony straight from the heart, filled with love, passion, and quirky moments that only the bride and groom understand.

The big day arrives and it can be one of the most nerve wracking days for couples, but with my sense of serenity and calmness, they relax and enjoy the ceremony, as I feel they should.

Emotions over come them,Ive had couples in tears of joy as the words I have penned have come to life infront of the most inportant people in their lives, family have laughed and cried.

And so the cermeony ends, they carry on their important day, and I go home having the most wonderful sense of achievement, I come home with a certain glow that you can only get from weddings.



 My husband says that when Im writing my face lights up, and that the words just flow from my fingers.

Being a wedding celebrant in Tenerife is truly an amazing experience.

Until the next time ;)