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Wedding season is here

Posted by Claire Oxenham on June 3, 2013 at 4:40 PM

Well with wedding season well under way here in Tenerife, my hubby often asks me if I get confused with the clients get names wrong etc., and have ever taken the wrong ceremony to he wrong couple be approved…. Well the answer to that is NO; I haven’t ever gotten someone’s name wrong or taken the wrong ceremony.


I think this is down to the fact that as I have said before I only perform one ceremony in a day, so when I meet the couple I only have the print out of their ceremony not 2 or 3 more.

I might get confused with where they are from if I can’t recognize the accent, but then that’s just geography, nothing to do with taking the wrong ceremony.

It does seem busy as ther are times when I have a rehearsal with one couple on the afternoon then a ceremony on the evening, or meet couple one day ceremony next and so on for a couple of days.

But the fact is I’m very thankful that I have these ceremonies, it means I’m doing a good job and people put their confidence in me to perform one of the most important ceremonies they will ever have (no pressure then!!) and they will go away with not only the perfect ceremony for them, but fantastic memories.






Wedding season in full swing

Posted by Claire Oxenham on June 1, 2013 at 5:25 PM

Well, it’s been a good couple of weeks since I’ve posted, but I’m in the full swing of the Wedding season here in Tenerife, so I have had many ceremonies to write and perform.

But I’m up to date now so can take 5 minutes out of my busy schedule to say hi…. Hi!!!

I’ve also been tied up with organizing a wedding show case with Michelle from Tenerife Total party plans, this is the first (of hopefully many) events we have planned to help everyone within the wedding industry in Tenerife, show off at their particular expertise in the field.

All I can say it was an amazing turn out for people to come and see us, we all benefited from the day and clients went home happy to have met us and had any questions they had answered.

For me it was a good chance to show off my certificate I obtain to be a celebrant, that I’m not just someone who decided to do it, I’ve trained to do this job, as all other aspects of the ceremony EG: dealing with emotions, family support, voice training, and co-ordination of the ceremony.

Well back to ceremony writing….. See you soon, hopefully!! 



Renewing your vows

Posted by Claire Oxenham on April 29, 2013 at 5:05 PM

Wow, I’m a couple of weeks behind on my blogs! sorry I have been a busy celebrant.


This time I want to take a closer look at renewing vows.

Back in the day’s people renewed their vows at the milestones of marriage, 10 years, 25 years, 50 years etc. Well that is still celebrated today and quite rightly so… any one that can work through the ups and downs of marriage to make it that far should have some sort of celebration, particularly where we are now in a society where a divorce can almost be settled on your lunch break.

But what of my couples who have only been together a short while…. Why do they do it??

Don’t get me wrong if a client chooses not to tell me then that’s their prerogative, after all I feel it’s not my place to ask.

But whatever the reason it’s important to them, maybe they feel the need not to renew their vows but it’s more like a strengthening of them, putting more cement on their marriage, and saying “yes you are still the one and I’m still here by your side with you”.

We need that person to hold us up when we are down and in turn we hold them up.

But hopefully with the ceremonies I write for them, I leave them with an imprint on their hearts as they close the door to the past, and open the door to their future.

Got you thinking……. Hope so!!

See you soon




The vows

Posted by Claire Oxenham on April 17, 2013 at 9:10 AM

This week I want to look at possibly the most important part of a wedding….. The vows.

The vows represent not only how you feel about each other but also how you plan to treat each other in the future …..With love honour and respect etc.

The ceremony itself takes on a format which ill go into later. But everyone wants to hear the vows.

The declaration of a couple is to shout it from the roof tops that the person in front of them is “the one”, however when it comes to it people choke, the moment gets them and they just can’t do it. My suggestion to every couple is…. Don’t worry about everyone else, if you feel a bit shy, then relax, and as long as the other person can hear them then that’s ok.

As public as the vows are, they can also be taken as a private moment between the couple sharing things that mean the most to them.

When I write the vows, I try to capture the couple, and try to put into words how I think they want to say “yes you are the one and I love you” a very difficult task, but this is why having a celebrant for your wedding is the best option by far, as the couples get a say in what they say.

I love it when people put their input into their ceremony, and between the three of us, we come up with something that explains the love story of the couple.


The love of a ceremony.

Posted by Claire Oxenham on April 9, 2013 at 5:15 PM

This week I want to take another look at the ceremonies, I know I’ve talked about them before but I feel it’s important that everyone understands what I actually do.

I feel very passionate about this job and take everything on board as to what a couple would like.

On the questionnaire I send out there are certain questions that I say,” would you like this mentioned in the ceremony”, if the answer is yes then I do my upmost to put it in, sometimes it takes me a while to get the flow but if my couple wants it in….. then in it goes!!

I do sometimes struggle with the readings and poems as I like this to capture the couple, a great example is of a couple last year renewed their vows after the woman had an illness but the questionnaire focused on their children, the love they had for them and they way with the husband and the wife did their best to not only cope with an illness but also protect the children. So I chose a family poem and paid tribute to the children,but the vows were completely for them and about moving forward and into the future as a new strong family unit.

Some time with the poems I hit the nail on the head and get it right first time, there are other times when I have to go back to the drawing board and keep looking, and other times the couples finds the readings themselves, but the point also I’m making is, is that this is their ceremony not mine, I only hope that with the skills I have I create the perfect ceremony for them, that they have everything that’s important to them past, present and future mentioned.

Thanks for reading, see you soon




Hand fasting

Posted by Claire Oxenham on March 25, 2013 at 6:30 PM

This week I want to start to take a look at symbolism in ceremonies.

When writing a wedding ceremony I ask my couples if they would like a symbolic ceremony, a ceremony with in a ceremony if you will.

A lot of people are unsure as to what this is so I’m going to focus on the hand fasting ceremony, although there are a few to choose from, they can also be viewed on my website page “symbolism in ceremonies"

Originally the word “hand fast” came into English from Norse languages, and meant the act of sealing any bargain by taking hands.

The hand fasting ceremony stems from pre medieval and was a ceremony of betrothal or wedding.

In England it involves the nuptials hands being tied with a ribbon or cloth, as a way of formalizing their bond of matrimony and in England was legally binding as soon as they took their vows.

In Scotland, the hand fasting was a trial period of marriage, the man would take this potential wife in a hand fasting ceremony and live together as a married couple for a year, if she performed well as a wife for that year her would then legally marry her, if not she got packed off back to her parents.

As you can imagine this caused no end of problems, with couples using the hand fasting a betrothal ceremony but never actually proceeding to marry, this would create no end of problems as there would now be children born out of wedlock, a big no no!!

Then the marriage laws were introduced and all thus started the marriage laws that we all abide by when marrying.

Members of the clergy use the hand fasting still as a way of showing the world that couples are joined by God and no man will separate.

But the hand fasting ceremony is a very beautiful visual statement for the couple in their ceremony, many items can be used to hand fast the couple together.

Some use a cloth to the colour scheme of the wedding, others have used something more sentimental, the tie of a deceased father for instance this is a way of incorporating the father into the ceremony without being there. A family heir loom possibly, ribbons from the bride that was used when she was a baby for example.

So there are a number of things you can use to “hand fast” yourself to your partner.

I also team this with a few words whilst it’s happening, to make the perfect ceremony with in the ceremony, and plus the pictures look great!!

Let me know if you would like one in your wedding ceremony.

see you soon xx



Weddings in the Land of eternal spring.

Posted by Claire Oxenham on March 21, 2013 at 6:30 PM

Ever thought about having a wedding on one of the most beautiful islands in the world… It’s so aptly named “the land of eternal spring” for its all year round sunshine; picture long sandy beaches, with a beautiful mountainous back drop, shrouded in history, sit in an elegant beach front restaurant and while away the night listening to the waves lap on the shore, or maybe the traditional restaurant is the place of your choice, in that case sample the exquisite food and listen to traditional music played by the locals. This island is of course Tenerife, located just off the north coast of Africa.It has the perfect climate.

Holding a wedding on this beautiful island couldn’t be easier, with the help and dedication of myself a wedding celebrant and a reputable wedding planning company, we can take the stress away from you so you can enjoy your big day. I can personally write and deliver your ceremony, and a wedding planning company can organize the rest of your day, you won’t need to worry about a thing, all you need to do is turn up in your chosen attire and relax and enjoy.

The Island of Tenerife has a lot off locations to offer from beaches, traditional Canarian restaurants, stunning golf courses, 5 star hotels, quaint churches and of course the mountains. Whatever your taste for your perfect wedding I’m sure Tenerife can cater for you.

With regarding to planning a wedding here, this also couldn’t be easier, with a wedding planning company that can speak fluent Spanish they can negotiate the best prices for you with local traders, they can organize everything from venue to veil.

All you need to do is kick back and enjoy the island and discover the many hidden treasures that it has to offer.

Tenerife has been invaded many time throughout history, so has a mix of cultures. The local inhabitants were called Guanches and still their cultures lives on through the ages. They still lead a comparatively simple way of life, very slow compared to the rest of Europe and even main land Spain, with a mañana attitude it’s hard not to relax and fall in love with it

Both the Portuguese and Spanish invaded and also left a part of themselves Spanish being the chosen language, although they still have their own dialect which is used in the more remote parts of the island and also between locals.

see you soon



What is a celebrant?

Posted by Claire Oxenham on March 11, 2013 at 6:05 PM

Well….. A wedding celebrant is a person that can perform a ceremony for you with no legal implications, I can’t legally marry couples, and I make this very clear all the way through my website and meetings with my couples.

We are the person in the middle, a registrar will go through the legal motions with you, making sure you say the right legal words; a member of the clergy will add God in to the ceremony and sometimes often forget the couple.

The celebrant is the person that says, yes you can have elements of God in your ceremony if you want but you can also have lots of information about YOU the couple, yes you can, yea you can and yes you can, for celebrants there are no boundaries to the ceremony, as Its not a legal marriage, I don’t have to worry about the legalities, I’m not a member of the clergy and there for God and be toned down or up, I conform to what the couple want and not what is expected of any legal office or ministry.

Celebrants can be found all over the world, but it’s important that you are comfortable with your celebrant, they will be your best friend leading up to your wedding, if they are writing a ceremony for you they will ask questions, so it’s inevitable that you will get to know each other, so being at ease with them is a must.

Also ask to check their credentials of you want to, there are a lot of bogus people out there, and a trained celebrant will always be able to produce the certificate and also where and with whom they trained.

Until next time




wedding attire

Posted by Claire Oxenham on March 5, 2013 at 5:20 PM

This week we are going to have a look at the all-important wedding attire.

Conducting wedding ceremonies in Tenerife, with it’s all year round climate is really a dream job.

I always ask my couples what they will be wearing, not only to add to the excitement of the day, talk about all the girly things, shoes, hair make up etc., but depending on what they are wearing for me also depends on the time they plan to have the ceremony, I can’t have a bride in a full on dress and her hubby in top hat and tails have a ceremony at 12am in August, too hot!! I then have the risk of fainting nuptials on my hands! So you see there is method behind my madness to ask what they are wearing.

Don’t get me wrong I love the excitement sometimes I even get to see the dress before the groom which is a huge compliment for me.

But my grooms if they are having a ceremony in the day do tend to dress down and wear very nice dress shorts or linen trousers with a light shirt, the bride… well only “the dress “will do!!

So I do make sure there is a glass of water for her to sip, and make sure she is in the shade as much as possible.

This ties in well with the pre ceremony meet as I have that at the time of the ceremony to see where the sun will be and how hot it will be and to make sure there is some shade for the bride, to stand in if it is an afternoon ceremony.

Until next time :D




where to hold a ceremony

Posted by Claire Oxenham on February 25, 2013 at 4:40 PM

This week I want to talk about where to hold your ceremony, being a celebrant on this beautiful island of Tenerife as I have said many times before is a wonderful thing.

We have some of the best beaches in the world and some of the most stunning land scapes as a back drop, so the locations to hold a ceremony are plentiful,

You can either have a backdrop of the sea or mountains depending on which way you want to stand.

The actual locations can be a problem; I have many many clients that want their ceremony on a beach.

The authorities defiantly rule the roost over here so to have a ceremony on a beach is nigh on impossible, it takes time and money to be granted a license to have anything on the beach, as the beaches are public domain and having a ceremony could interfere with the public.

This is why when clients ask this question, I offer this solution…… Have your ceremony in a beach front restaurant as this then is classed as a private party, then step on to the beach for your photos, to have pictures on the beach does not require any type of permission.

This is think is a happy medium that I have come to negotiate with my clients as they get the ceremony with no added expense and the beach photos they have always wanted for their wedding.

See you soon